Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So many things...

So many things just don't make sense to me these days and it really is affecting me on a deeper level than eve before.
I hate, hate, HATE what the current administration has done to this country. George W. Bush and his cronies have made so much of the world hate us, and I can't disagree with them. The man is an imbecile at best and more likely downright evil. His stunt at the recent G8 meeting left me mortified; sadly, it is only a typical sampling of the dumbing down of our nation. People were so incensed that Clinton had sex and lied about it. Sex, whether in or out of his marriage, is not any of our business. This man, however, has gotten thousands of people killed and lied about it. Why hasn't he been impeached??? Gaaah! It makes me so very angry I can hardly stand it.

There is much more I have to say about this and I definitely will, but M just called and is on his way home, so I'll postpone the rest of my rant. (Oh, and the cookies are done and are delish! I use this recipe, but a TBL instead of a TSP of vanilla.)

Buddhism and a day in the kitchen

Today is a kitchen day, but things are not going so well. My tea ball broke and spilled tea all over the floor. I buy tea bags, but make my own blend of different kinds of tea. It's the best iced tea I've ever tasted, so I'm sticking with it. For a gallon, I use 2 regular family sized Luzianne or Lipton type tea bags, three of the smaller green tea bags and three of the Earl Grey green tea. I've mixed all of these together and now just use 2 TBS of the mixture in a coffee filter inside a large tea ball. I also sweeten it with stevia. Good stuff, and so much better for me than the Diet Coke.
I bought a bunch of mushrooms recently because they were waaay on sale, but they are so much more than I can use before they go bad, so I combined them with some yogurt, spinach, garlic and dill and threw it all in a blender. It's all frozen now, but the little sampling I had of it before freezing was pretty tasty and zesty. I think that it will be a nice soup stock for making other things.
I need to get back to the kitchen to make some cookies. I promised M some tollhouse cookies when he gets home and he does love it when I spoil him. Heh... I would too. I do miss being spoiled. He is a sweet man, but he's not the most thoughtful guy I've ever known.

I'm considering Buddhism as a way of life. It seems to fit the way I view the universe far more than Christianity never has done. It just feels right. We'll see how that develops.

*sigh* must return to kitchen and make cookies now, and clean up the spilled tea. Oh, and laundry MUST be done today. I really don't mind doing any of that once I get started, but the motivation is so frequently lacking.

One last note for today: I am now (proudly) listed as a designer on Ravelry! I debate with myself whether or not I am truly worthy of the title, but when I saw that one of my patterns from a few years ago was already up on Rav and had someone making it, well, might as well make the leap. I will try to take better notes when coming up with patterns so that I can put them out in case anyone else wants to make them, but I am lazy and a sloppy note taker.

Okay, cookie time. :) Nothing friendlier than a house smelling of freshly baked cookies.