Monday, July 6, 2009

New House, closing day after tomorrow!

A little over a week ago my wonderful realtor (Beverly Stein of Jenel McGrath realty if anyone is househunting in the Sherman, TX area) let me know that the deal on the duplex might not go through. Apparently the bank that foreclosed owned the second lien and the bank that owned the first lien went under and... I don't know or understand all the specifics. But Bev said that chances are we wouldn't be able to close on that house in the foreseeable future. BUT she had another house in Denison that she wanted us to take a look at. So we did.

It's 1610 square feet and close to downtown. The garage was converted into a master suite and it is freaking HUGE, probably about 450 square feet. It's very oddly laid out but I think it will be perfect for our needs. There is a space in the front that we'll be using for the boys; for now it will have their computers and toys in the first section of the room and their bed in the back. That's just off the living room. Then there's the kitchen. Wow, it is so mch bigger than any kitchen I've ever had before. It was redone not too long ago and has the most wonderful cabinetry and an island. Best of all, they are letting us buy the side by side refrigerator and the gas stove for $150. Oh, and there's even a built in dishwasher, so I am thrilled about that!

Off the kitchen is what will soon be my studio. That is the room I'll probably have the most fun decorating. The utility room is attached to it and the first of the 3 bathrooms is there as well as the washer and dryer hookups. I think it will be a really good space for my crafting needs. Then there is the other bathroom (the only one that works at the moment) and an undefined space. Then there is the master suite. There is another bathroom with a ton of room to make it a wonderfully relaxing spa-like retreat.

The bedroom will need some work, but I think eventually it can be a really lovely place for us. There is a wood burning fireplace and a sliding glass door that leads to the backyard.

I am so looking forward to getting all the measurements so I can play around with my decorating software (Sierra Home Architect... I highly recommend it!) and figure out the plcement for furniture and the colors for paint and all of that stuff. Closing is the day after tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited about it. I'll take pictures and try to post them on Thursday or Friday.

I hope that things are going well for you. This whole odyssey has restored my faith in a number of ways and I feel incredibly blessed to have this opportunity.