Friday, May 15, 2009

Something BIG

I put in an offer yesterday on a duplex in the town I grew up in. Oddly, it's across the street from a place I lived when I was 17. I am so very nervous that the offer won't be accepted, but should find out Monday, according to the realtor. It needs a lot of work, but the price was too incredible to pass up. Imagine, if you will, 2,247 square feet (both sides of the duplex) for about what we pay in rent in 13 months in the apartment. And it will be mine. I can decorate in whatever way I see fit... and no homeowners' association, so if I want to paint my door chartreuse no one can stop me! I am so excited (and nervous) but I also know it will be a lot of work. The place isn't in great shape, but it is almost livable immediately. In the long run this should help us out tremendously financially. The thing is, I need to pay back the person who loved me enough to front me the cash to buy it.

(There are more pictures here if anyone is interested. The two labeled Pershing are from a different house we looked at.)

Also, this ties M to me in a big way. I'll essentially be his landlady and he'll be renting one side of the duplex from me. That's if my offer is accepted. Keep your fingers crossed for us; this could be a wonderful turning point! (And expect a lot of house related posts in the future if all goes well!)

In crafting news, I've not been doing too much knitting lately. I whipped up a quick wrap on Mother's Day to wear with my sleeveless dress when we took my mom out to dinner. Nothing fancy, just made on size 35 needles so it would be quick. I'll try to get pictures of it soon. I've also taken up counted cross stitch and really love it. It's so different from knitting and isn't hard, but demands attention to detail. Maybe I'll make a "Home sweet home" sampler for the new house. :)