Wednesday, March 25, 2009

M has an interview

  M just left for a job interview... oh, please, please, PLEASE let this be the one. We are far too close to being homeless, although through the generosity of friends and family we will be able to stay in the apartment through April. I'm terrified that after that we'll be on the street. Or at least I will. M, of course, has a guaranteed reservation as a guest of the federal bureau of prisons if he has no other place to live. 
  I no longer know what to do. I can't fix this, don't have a clue even where to begin. I miss my grandparents. They would always take me in and make things better. I had a safety net when they were around. My mother has been a great help to me, but I think we've taken too much from her already. I know she loves me and would do whatever she could for me, but she just doesn't have the space or resources to take us in if it comes down to that. 

  I am broken, perhaps beyond repair.