Thursday, January 31, 2008

trouble with hat

I'm having problems with my hat design. I have the brim knitted and the first part of the first section, but I can't seem to figure out the decreases. I am almost certainly over complicating it, as I tend to do with just about everything. This cold/virus/whatever it is M and I both have isn't making it any easier. Maybe I should put off the designing until I feel better.
The winds are crazy. At least it hasn't gotten as bad as it did for a few weeks in the old house in Frisco. Man, that was awful with the howling of the wind for days on end... truly enough to drive one over the edge. This is just very strong winds. Fires have ravaged much of the surrounding areas and I think the governor has declared a lot of it a disaster. At least we didn't lose power again today.
I'm waiting for M to get home. He's having to work later the past few days and even mentioned maybe having to do some work from home this weekend. We've had the boys the past two weekends and now he's going to have to work this one and then we'll have the boys again... I miss my boyfriend. Now that I've finally been able to let go of the past to some degree (more on that someday, I'm sure) I find that I really do love M quite a lot. We don't have the sort of relationship I am used to and I think maybe this one would be considered more "adult". I can't say that I don't miss the passion and yearning and obsession that I went through with many of my previous relationships, but there is something to be said for comfort and stability, too. He is good to me and kind and we don't ask too much from one another. We get along quite well and rarely argue. I really couldn't ask for much more than that at this point in my life.

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