Sunday, March 1, 2009

Still no work for M

 M is still out of a job. We managed to borrow enough money from his best friend to pay the bills, but if things don't change soon I have no idea what we shall do. With my grandfather being gone I am truly without a safety net. His house, which he had agreed to let us stay in if things went bad, is now owned by my uncle and I am hesitant to ask. I have little pride left, but I prefer not to have to beg my family for a place to stay. Still, I will do whatever it takes. I have tried living in my car before and I didn't particularly enjoy it. I doubt I would like it any better now.
 I am also looking for work, trying for an administrative assistant job. So far there has been no interest, but I am trying really hard to remain upbeat. If only I could find someone who just needed errands run or something, someone who was maybe too busy to take care of all the little things himself and willing to pay me to take care of it. *sigh* Like that's going to happen. 

 I've been neglecting my knitting, but I am working on a hat and a couple of blankets. The hat is my design, made largely with a KnitWit tool and a wire from a cheapie Halloween witch's hat, with a little bit of knitting in there for the shaping.  Theblankets are a feather and fan pink and purple mess and Red Heart Super Saver piece of crap that I hope will turn into something better than it is now. Both are knit in strips so for now it just looks like I'm making more scarves. 

 I want to WRITE, but it just isn't coming to me. 

We had M's boys this weekend. I don't recall if I've mentioned that we only have them once a month now, but we do. The older boy was horrible. He pooped in his pants three times. I am so very sick of his behavior but I don't know what to do about it. He doesn't do it when he's at home I don't think it's a medical issue. I know it makes me a bad person to so strongly dislike a child, but I can't help it. He is so very unpleasant to be around. I do my best to be kind and nurturing, but every time the boys are here I am reminded of how very happy I am with my decision to not have any kids of my own.                       

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