Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yet more waiting

Still waiting for the closing date, but my Realtor, Bev, said that since this is a cash transaction for an as-is REO property there isn't really anything that can go wrong with the sale at this point. I'm trying to get as much stuff as I can from my local freecycle group. If you aren't a member of a group near you you should definitely join! I've given away a bunch of stuff that would otherwise have been thrown away and I've helped quite a few people in the process. I've also gotten a few things that I needed or wanted from the generosity of others. It's a very good program. I'm going today to pick up a toaster oven, some tile, some moving boxes and a microwave.

It's a very busy day for me. I also need to send off M's court ordered tax stuff and his monthly restitution and something to do with his Massachussetts child support. He's never even seen that child, at the mother's request, so I really think it's ridiculous that he be required to pay so much for a child he will never even meet. At least she's almost 18 now. Only another year or two of paying for that one. I don't begrudge the girl the child support, but since he's never been allowed to even meet her or speak with her on the phone (She was the result of a one night stand back when M was about 21 and between his first and second wives. I am so glad I was always very careful and/or very lucky in my slutty youth!) it seems silly to expect him to send money every month for a child whose life he isn't permitted to be a part of. Then again, I think a man should be able to opt out of paying child support if he's willing to give up all parental rights and it's still early enough in the pregnancy for the woman to have an abortion. It should always be the woman's choice whether or not to carry the child to term, but I know that quite a few women trap men into helping raise children that neither of them really wanted in an effort to keep the men in their lives.

Speaking of child support, M's ex is asking for more money because elder brat needs braces. Ugh. I detest that child and now he'll be even more unpleasant with food rotting in his braces. He's a pig and lazy and whiny and moody and morose, but at least he seems to have stopped crapping in his pants. I know it's horrible of me to so strongly dislike a child, but I have yet to find a redeeming quality in that one. I so dread his upcoming adolescence and puberty. I may find other things to do on the weekends we have them. I will be quite glad in 10 years when they are both grown and I no longer have to devote any part of my home to little boy junk.

In another sort of reproductive related note, I am having severe cramping today, which is odd since my period should have been over several days ago. Friday it will be two full weeks of bleeding and I am so ready for it to be over.

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