Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A whole week of no meat

Today marks the first week of not eating meat. I almost slipped up when I was making something for the boys and without thinking nearly made some for myself, too, but I caught it in time and avoided it. It's been easier than I thought it would be so far and I feel really good about it.

Progress on the top I'm knitting is going well, but unfortunately I don't like the waistband I made, so back to the drawing board on that bit. The bottom of it is really turning out quite well, though.

M is a little sad (although he won't let on) that the boys and their mom are moving further away and we won't be able to afford to see them as often. As guilty as it makes me feel to say this, I won't mind only seeing them once a month. They'll be an hour and a half away instead of the half hour or so that they are now. They will be closer to their maternal grandparents, so that will be nice for them, but I know M will miss them a lot.

What about the things that go bump during the day? Just curious why they don't seem as troublesome to anyone. Aren't they probably the same things that go bump during the night?

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