Thursday, January 7, 2010

Netflix and me

Okay, so things are better. I charged my car battery overnight and it started just fine the following day. M fixed the plumbing issue. We again have no water, but that is a precautionary measure since it is bitterly cold here and not supposed to be above freezing until sometime Sunday. We turned the water off and drained the pipes so we can (hopefully) avoid any more plumbing related incidents. The house just isn't very good at keeping the cold at bay, so I advised M that maybe we should postpone the visit from his boys for a week. Last night he wouldn't even consider it, but when he called today he seemed amenable to the idea. Let's hope his ex wife won't have a problem with it.
So we signed up for netflix last week. I filled in my queue on Monday and on Wednesday there was the first disc of Dexter Season 3 in the mail. Today I sent it back and we'll see how soon the next disc gets here. (We have a new high def TV, nothing huge, just a 32", but it still makes a world of difference.) I've also watched a few of the "instant" shows. There's a documentary about Helvetica (the typeface/font) that I enjoyed quite a bit, but I'm a sucker for a good typography story.

New slippers have been made for both M and me. They aren't pretty, but they knit up quickly and they are warm. No pictures yet, but I used this pattern.

Speaking of pictures, here are the latest of my wee fuzzy ones:Messy kitchen from the holidays, but the rare chance to get a shot of all 3 cats together.

And Probie looks like she had too much of whatever was in that tipped over cup behind her.

After all the fuss and furor, the two little ones cuddled up together for some cuteness. Awww. I do love my girls.

All for now. Must go thaw hands... here kitty kitty. Cats are fantastic handwarmers. :) Stay warm!

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