Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Not an auspiscious beginning

M overslept today. I slept in, lazily, got up around 9:00, did nothing. Went into front of house to light heater and heard water running from the studio area... and it was gushing out of the cold water spout on the tub in there. The knob had popped off and the water was spraying in , covering the floor. *sigh* I turned the water off outside, but unsure what to do otherwise. Then I got a note from my LYS (local yarn store for those non-knitters who might be reading) saying that the yarn I had ordered was not actually available and they had credited my account. Great. Fan-freaking-tastic. I don't want my account credited, I want you to send me what you said you were going to send me, that I planned on making into a lovely lace shawl. I will not be shopping with them again as this sort of thing has happened to me before in the past. So I will take a deep breath and hope that I got the trash out on time. And that my car will start. Yesterday the battery was dead. But other than all of that, 2010 is going great. Except Amazon won't be sending the boys' Christmas presents (Christmas with them was supposed to be this weekend) until Jan. 22nd. Still, trying to let it all be okay. Trying REALLY hard. Wish me luck!

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